California Government Addresses The Issue Of Homelessness


Governor of California, Gavin Newsom, addresses the problem of homelessness and calls it a matter of disgrace. He points out that the richest nation in the world should not fail to provide basic human needs to so many of its citizens. To make things better, he has decided to transform more than two hundred buildings and properties owned by the state of California into shelters for the homeless. The plan includes fairgrounds, buildings owned by the state, armories, and undeveloped lots. 


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Last year after coming to power, Newsom introduced housing schemes that included the building and installation of mobile homes for the people who live on the streets. Why is homelessness such a big problem in the state of California? The complete lack of housing options for people belonging to the low-income groups has played a major role in the homelessness issue. Newsom has already allocated  $1.6 billion for the schemes concerning the homeless. He has further made a proposal of a whopping $750 million for the mobile home building project. His aim is to solve the problem as soon as possible.

The properties have been offered to the local governments for a nominal $1 lease. The State Emergency Homeless Aid has the responsibility to build the sites and get it reviewed by the local governments. It is their discretion upon which further actions shall be taken. The estimate for the aid is around $650 million.

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California is one of the most populous states of the U.S and has around 151,000 people living on the streets out of which 41,000 are permanently homeless. Newsom has had to make certain changes in the environmental regulations of the state of California to speed up the process. He has stated so in his address to reduce any kind of red-tapism or confusion. 

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