These Are the 10 Best Street Art Cities in the World

The Top 10 Best Street Art Cities in the World

Isn’t street art just fascinating?

When it’s not just some teenager’s “tag” that is. No, we’re talking about real street art; people that actually make the streets look a lot more colorful, and a lot more memorable.

Artists are brightening up the world, one boring grey street at a time.


The Top 10 Best Street Art Cities

We’ve put together a list of some of the best cities you should visit if you’re looking to see some incredible street art. Now I can’t say that I’ve been to all of these cities to see this amazing work, but I can say that it’d be worth the visit.


1. Rishikesh, India

Best Street Art Cities - Rishikesh

The city of Rishikesh in India actually holds a street artist festival. The festival was created as part of a movement to help keep the city clean.

The festival takes place once every year, where artists can be seen creating some wonderful and inspiring pieces on the street walls. It’s helped attract more tourists to the city, and help show people the local culture.


2. Toronto, Canada

Best Street Art Cities - Toronto

If you’ve ever been to Toronto, you might have heard of the “Graffiti Alley”, which has become a popular tourist attraction. But the artwork doesn’t stop there, as there’s a great deal of street art to be seen in the streets of Toronto.

You’re also able to attend various art galleries where many of the artists behind the artwork are hanging out. Some of Toronto’s buildings have even been used as canvas by the famous Banksy.


3. Granada, Spain

Granada is famous for its street art; and we’ve been told that the notorious artist behind a lot of the most famous pieces in Granada is a guy called Raul Ruiz, A.K.A. El Nino.

He’ll even give you maps to some of his work’s locations through his website, which makes finding them just that much easier.


4. Melbourne, Australia

Best Street Art Cities - Melbourne

The first time I went to Melbourne, I was taken to Croft Lane, the home of Melbourne’s most famous street art. You instantly know you’ve been transported into some kind of alternate dimension.

This street, among many others in Melbourne, attracts tourists from all around the world, and you can see a lot of people taking pictures. You should go and check it out for yourself.


5. Washington D.C, United States

Best Street Art Cities - Washington

America has a pretty cool collection of street art too, in case you didn’t already know. And one of the best places to see street art in America, is Washington D.C.


6. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Best Street Art Cities - Buenos Aires

If you ever get the chance to visit Buenos Aires, you can actually pay for a tour that’ll take you on a trip to all the greatest street art spots in the city. Street art around Buenos Aires is said to tell the story of the city, and help express their culture.


7. Melaka, Malaysia

Best Street Art Cities - Melaka

Being a traveller, I know a lot of people who’ve taken the typical selfie in front of the street art in Malaysia. Some of the artwork is just designed in a way that allows you to interact with it.

Although Penang might be the place where most people go to for this, Melaka is also one of the best street art cities in the world. It’s also one of Malaysia’s most historical.


8. Lisbon, Portugal

Best Street Art Cities - Lisbon

Ever heard of an ‘Art Safari’? Several photographers in Lisbon have set up tours that’ll let you see all the best artwork in the city with ease.

Lisbon is a very popular street art scene, and when you see people organizing tours for something, you know it’s worth a visit.


9. Paris, France

The city of Paris has dedicated a nice amount of their budget to getting beautiful art painted on their street walls. What was once seen to be vandalism, can now be seen as what it really is: amazing artwork that helps to brighten and enrich the city’s vibe.


10. Seoul, South Korea

Best Street Art Cities - Seoul

The streets in Seoul are very colourful indeed. There are various murals painted across the city, and it’s common to see people taking selfies in front of them. Street art in Seoul has helped breathe new life into certain parts of the city, such as slum villages.

Just do a quick search on Google, and you’ll be able to find pinpoints to exact locations where some of the most fascinating street art can be seen.



There you have it! If you’re a big fan of street art, or even if you just want to see something different and inspiring, these cities might be worth a visit soon!

If you live in one of the cities we’ve mentioned above, feel free to comment below with some suggestions as to where great artwork can be seen.

Here’s a quick recap on the 10 best street art cities in the world:

  1. Rishikesh, India
  2. Toronto, Canada
  3. Granada, Spain
  4. Melbourne, Canada
  5. Washington D.C, United States
  6. Buenos Aries, Argentina
  7. Melaka, Malaysia
  8. Lisbon, Portugal
  9. Paris, France
  10. Seoul, South Korea

Are there any other cities you’ve been to that showcase beautiful street art? Leave a comment below.

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