Being Faithful Is More Than Just Being Physically Involved With One Person

People who think faithfulness is only on a physical level need to untwist their assumptions.
It’s more than not sleeping around, it’s about emotional fidelity. The foundation of every monogamous relationship.
Having that deep, emotional connection with another human being, committed fully to another soul, always and forever the number 1 on your list of priorities.
Being faithful means avoiding ‘harmless’ flirty conversations, just because someone else noticed you. It’s making the person who’s hitting on you aware that you’re uninterested. You know there’s no place you’d rather be than beside your partner.
Being faithful is deleting those silly dating apps. You don’t need them. There is no attraction to anyone else. Cutting ties with those open relationships you may have had. It’s about dumping the years of failure, emotionally unavailable partners, dysfunctional relationships and one-night stands because hey world! I found my forever person! 
Being faithful means honesty with your partner. Tell them about that time you bumped into your ex, the guy who hit on you at work. It means to let everything out into the open. This is what shows the trust you have for each other more than ever. 
Being faithful means holding hands in public, wearing that engagement ring with pride, showing the world how strong you two are together. You don’t need others’ attention because you have everything you’ve ever asked for right next to you.
Loyalty doesn’t mean you can’t talk to others, text your friends or like photos on Instagram. Problems develop when things are hidden, pics are deleted or emotions towards another start to emerge.
Something truly wrong has to be arising for this to happen. It may not technically be cheating, but it still is. It is emotional cheating and can leave scars like nothing else. 
Remember, faithfulness is much more than giving someone the exclusive use of your body, it means giving one person a key to you and your soul. This person is your forever person. 
Faithfulness is the hands down decision that you make where your human outweighs the desire to be with someone else. 
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