Become Happier And More Compassionate With These 5 Easy Steps


Our actions constitute our lives. And our thoughts guide all our actions. When you learn to develop a positive outlook, your mind turns happy and healthy. This will lead you to peace and a positive life ahead. If you want to become happier and more compassionate in life, we have these 5 easy steps for you:

1. Become Happier And More Compassionate With Positive Thoughts

To become happier and more compassionate, you have to consciously think positive thoughts. When you put effort into thinking positive stuff, you are bound to stay happier. When you come across unnecessary criticism or any failures, focus on moving ahead. Don’t get stuck in the negativity but carry on.

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2. Concentrate On Your Higher Self And Ignore The Ego

Our Higher Self consists of our wisdom, intuition, and creativity. It is how the Universal creative consciousness channelizes itself via our minds. But one has to concentrate carefully to understand the whispers of this Higher Self. Ego is loud and it propagates fear. Ignore your Ego and focus on connecting with your Higher Self which will lead you to a happier life.

3. What Is Your Purpose?

Having a purpose in our lives is key to a good life. Once you know your target, you can focus on the things which truly matter and neglect the distractions. This reduces stress and helps you become happier and more compassionate.

It is true that when you focus on any one thing for a long period, it will become your reality. So be very cautious when you decide on your purpose and path. And then direct all your energies into making it a reality.

4. Be An Unbiased Observer Of Your Thoughts

Remember how Ego spears its ugly head in all your thoughts. So be observant of your own thoughts. Before reacting, observe without bias. You exercise control over your thoughts when you acknowledge them but don’t react to them immediately. Take time, be still, and reflect on the thoughts, positive or negative. Only then can your actions be truly meaningful.

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5. Trust Your Heart

It is normal to have doubts and be confused at times. But trying to fight them is futile. When we try new things, a fear of the unknown and over-rationalization combine their powers to create chaos in our minds. Silence the noises inside and ask your heart which way to go. It will tell you the correct answer. Follow your heart and you will find happiness.

While we don’t have much control over our thoughts, we can learn to control our reactions to them. Impulsive behavior takes us away from happiness and compassion. Pause before reacting. Follow the steps mentioned above. And you will soon see yourself become happier and more compassionate irrespective of the challenges you may face.

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