Video Captures Bear Jumping For Joy After Being Rescued From a Bile Farm


Tuffy the bear was recently freed from captivity after spending several years in barbaric conditions that consisted of a being held in a tiny cage for the entirety of his life- a cage so small that he couldn’t turn around.

Bear bile farms are the vile farms in Asia where bears are kept in horrendous conditions in an effort to extract their bile for pharmaceutics. Bile harvesters collect liquid from their gallbladders and the farming typically involves the daily extraction of bile from live, caged bears via catheters or holes in their bodies. Tuffy’s gallbladder was so severely damaged that it had to be removed and his paws were brutally cracked from having never touched the Earth. He also had to have three fractured teeth removed because of damage caused from biting the iron bars he was trapped in.

Not only are bears kept in tiny cages, they are dehydrated and deliberately starved because starving bears produce more bile. An estimated 14,000 bears are being held captive across Asia.

Animals Asia, a Hong Kong-based charity group that seeks to end cruelty to wild and endangered species across the continent, is working tirelessly to end bile farming. The charity group has already saved hundreds of bears and they vow to keep going until every bile farm across Asia has closed. You can learn more about this awesome organization and/or get involved here.

“Coming from years of little or no water, for Tuffy this must feel like a true oasis after being parched and in pain for so long.” -Animals Asia Bear Manager, Louise Ellis

On Tuffy’s first night at the award winning sanctuary, he chose to spend his first night’s sleep under the stars instead of returning to his den.

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