Adorable Pictures Showing That Quokkas Are the ‘World’s Happiest Animal’


You may have seen quokka on social media since people just loved snapping selfies with these happy chappies. Quokka always seem to have a smile that lights up their face and they don’t shy away from humans, which explains why they are called the happiest wild animals on the planet.

Quokka belong to the Macropodidae family of marsupials which include kangaroo and wallaby.  These cute animals are herbivores and mostly nocturnal, living on a few of Australia’s islands, including Bald Island and Rottnest Island. Quokkas can live up to 10 years and their conservation status is listed as vulnerable.

Because they aren’t afraid of humans they were easily captured on camera,and of course, when selfies became a trend, were often enticed with snacks to pose with humans. Authorities have put a stop to that, however, and anyone caught feeding or handling them can be fined up to $300 (Australian). Hopefully this will deter tourists from handling the happy little creatures and encourage them to enjoy their presence from a distance and respect their natural habitat.  No matter how adorable and huggable they may seem to be, they are not pets.

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