Activating Your Third Eye In 2 Easy Steps!



Activating your third eye is an important aspect of spiritual growth, not only will activating your third eye enable you to experience true consciousness but will also enable one to manifest specific types of powers or realizations!

In many cultures throughout history, you can clearly see the influence the third eye had on both ancient and modern time symbolism!

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 Activating the third eye

For anyone wanting to activate the third eye, theirs a few tips to remember. Dedication, Patience, and Observation!

Dark Meditation – Dark meditation has been used in many spiritual traditions including Buddhism and Daoism for higher level spiritual meditation practices. The dark meditation is a perfect tool for stimulating the pineal gland or third eye, due it having light photosensitive properties and becoming stimulated during sleeping periods. By doing dark meditation, one can artificially create an environment that stimulates the pineal gland during wakeful states and manifest the pineal glands activity. This is why when one does a dark meditation practice, they can experience strange visions or optical illusions during sessions, some say this is the pineal gland manifesting dreams into the open space of one’s reality perception.

Now to do the dark meditation, simply sit comfortably in a pitch black area, either meditation box or a simply a room that has been made light proof. Sitting in full lotus has more beneficial effects during practice than any other seating position, but any that you find more comfortable is good enough, the main thing is that your back is straight during the practice.


Whilst sitting in the dark area, gaze widely, adjusting your gaze widely will help to manifest the emptiness during this practice. Now during the dark meditation sessions, you may find yourself seeing strange things, shapes and geometric patterns etc, try not to cling onto these visions, just simply rest in emptiness, observing them but not fixating on them.

By doing this practice your body will learn to adjust to having a wakeful consciousness whilst the pineal gland is stimulated.

Chakra meditation – Through chakra meditation, you are learning to cultivate sensitivity and energy in the chakras, the chakras are not only connected to the spine, but also to the glands and organs. The energetic system is a grand and complex work of art, everything is connected and has specific effects upon one another.

By doing chakra meditation you can actually begin to cultivate sensitivity and energy related to the pineal gland, in effect, causing the pineal gland to become active and by doing that activating the third eye. Chakra meditation has many techniques and unique systems for targetting specific effects, for this we are going to be working with both the root and the third eye chakras.

Again, for the best results, you want to try to aim to do the full lotus, reasons being, the full lotus is designed to close off specific pathways, channels, and minor energy centers and cause the body to force the energy into the central channel. But as long as the back is straight and you’re seated on the ground, that is good enough.

To begin, simply draw your mind into the base chakra, this is located at the base of the spine or if its easier for you, you can guide the mind into the area of the body that is touching the floor, keeping your mind in this area until you feel completely attached to it, so attached that it is not hard to keep your mind focused on that area.

Whilst your mind has rested in the root chakras area, begin to regulate your breathing, using deep but natural abdominal breathing, inhaling and exhaling through the nose, whilst gently expanding and retracting the abdominal muscles. For some people, this form of breathing comes natural, so that manual movement of the abdominal muscles is not required, but happens automatically, if this is you, simply breath naturally. Whether or not you do this naturally or manually, the main point is to keep the mind resting in the root chakra, whilst doing this breathing technique.

When you begin to feel string energetic vibrations in the area of the root chakra, begin to switch awareness into the area of the pineal gland, for most this is not easily done, but with guided help, such as using physical touch on the area, it is made easier for the mind to rest its awareness into. For this simply place your hand or finger on the forehead and allow your mind to feel the physical touch, this will draw the mind up into the area making it easier for you to rest there.

Now with every inhalation, pull the rectum muscles upwards. Doing this forces the energy from the root chakra up to the central channel and into the area the mind is rested in, in this case, the third eye! During this stage, you will feel the energy from the lower chakra, being forced up into the head, this may feel strange at first but the overall effects are fairly pleasant. If you begin to encounter headaches, simply draw the mind back into the root chakra, pulling the energy from the third eye back down into the lower energy channels.

Make sure that during the end of each session, you want to draw the energy back down into the lower chakra to finish the practice. This will root the energy back down, preventing the third eye from being over stimulated for long periods of time.

Combining the two methods – By combining the 2 methods taught above, you will achieve maximum results, not only will you manifest the stimulation of the pineal gland, but will also be cultivating the energy to be drawn into it, causing it to be more stimulated than just using either method on its own.

Remember, dedication, patience and observation is key to this practice!




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