About Us

Raised Vibrations was created in 2016 to provide people with all the latest news and uplifting content, based around spirituality, positivity, and everything inspiring!

We believe that to create real positive change in this world we need to first change ourselves, this might mean living more sustainably, eating more healthy, understanding yourself better…

Ultimately anything that improves your state of mind as this will help to make the world a better place. We cover a broad range of areas such as spirituality, art & design, animals, and much more.

Before creating the site, we built an incredible following of over 200,000 people, and now we’re on a mission to provide as much quality content as possible to all our followers.

With your continued support we look forward to raising vibrations across the world!


Want to Get in Touch With us?

If you want to contact the CEO just click the image below to connect with his personal Facebook and drop him a message :

imagebotKasim Khan
Creator of Raised Vibrations