A Florida Brewery Featured Rescue Dogs On Their Beer Cans To Spread Awareness About Rescue Dogs


It is a well-known fact that there are thousands of dogs who are abandoned by their owners. These dogs roam around the streets in dire conditions, desperate to find a home and a place to live. Thankfully, there are shelters set up to take on these dogs and help them find another loving owner. However, it does not always work flawlessly. Rescue dogs are not really at the top of the pet list of a prospective new pet owner who would like to have a purebred new dog from pet shops. The problem that happens is that these dogs either get too old in the shelter or when the shelter gets too filled up, they are euthanized. Yes – it is a sad fate but it is necessary for the lack of space. However, we can create a new world for these animals by creating awareness about rescue dogs.

This Florida brewery is doing just that. They have started putting faces of rescue dogs from the local animal shelter on their beer cans. The brewery is called Motorworks Brewing and is located in Bradenton in Florida. They have a special four-pack beer and these beer cans will have adoptable rescue dog faces imprinted on them.

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The introduction of this kind of beer cans happened on their Yappy Hour in January. It is a monthly event that is held to raise funds for local animal shelters and charities. The rescue dogs that got their faces on the beer cans were also at the event. They were wagging their tails, quite aloof about the publicity that they were getting. 

Well, the entire project was a massive win for both the shelter and the brewery’s purpose. The featured rescue dogs got their forever homes during the event and over 150 four-packs were purchased. 

The director of marketing and sales of the brewery, Barry Elwonger says: “The response from this project has been overwhelming. We have had countless calls and messages about the program and we are elated to have raised so much awareness (and money) for the shelter already. We love dogs here at Motorworks Brewing and can’t thank the community enough for getting behind this initiative.”

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While the ‘sale’ of the beer cans are still on, the shelves are emptying fast. In the near future, the company thinks that they would like to go for another run by featuring labels of different rescue dogs going beyond the limitations they placed this time. There are many customers from outside their local area who are demanding the beer. But shipping beer in that manner is illegal.

However, they have a new solution for that too:

“We had a small amount of leftover labels from the initial run and since we have received so many requests from customers outside of our area we thought selling the labels themselves would be another way to raise funds, which it seems like it will be.”

Well, once the announcement has been made, several labels were sold too.

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The money gathered from the sale will be donated to Shelter Manatee. They hope to use it to construct a new shelter for needy rescue dogs.

Images: CBSNews

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