8 Reasons Why Strong Woman Are Usually Loners

It’s a heavy price to pay, but this is when she has truly chosen to be herself.
She has learnt early in life that this is a choice she alone has to make. To please no one, avoid triggers and most certainly not to have to earn her “nice badge” around others, and to simply live an authentic life.
Yes, it’s never an easy choice to make, but when she’s ready, it’s the only choice. The costs however, are heavy.
1. You Cannot Fight Your Conscience
Driven from within, the people you choose to share your life with, the lifestyle you choose, even the work you do should be your choice, nothing should ever overstep values.
2. You’re Not The “Follow The Rules” Type
Sometimes, following your inner voice could lead you to rebel. Being fearless about the consequences immunizes you against unwelcome opinions of others and ultimately puts YOU in control.
3. You Avoid Pretentious, Phony People
Without a hidden agenda, you detest fake people. Hypocrites will actually be weary around you because they’ll soon figure out that your honesty will expose their lies.
4. You Give Without Expecting Anything in Return
This one factor is what alienates you from others. Sadly, it’s not always in a healthy way. You give from your heart and never show vulnerability, but that’s exactly why others may never offer you anything in return.
5. Your Intensity is What Scares Them
Unafraid of her emotions, she is openly moved by the things and people that matter to her. She stands up for causes she truly believes in. She makes the passive uncomfortable. The trick here is to keep her distance to live in comfortable oblivion.
6. You’re Either In or You’re Out
You commit 100% or you’re not interested in the slightest. Mediocrity and luke-warm passion are not your things and this kind of commitment will force those around you to consider their very own efforts. It’s however, not the small things you focus on – you’re after the big picture.
7. You Will Never Pine For Attention
Why would you need to seek the limelight? You’re a danger to those who seek fame and because you don’t seek approval, you ultimately need nobody’s permission in order for you to be happy. This may trigger jealousy in others who cannot match your level of self-security.
8. You Give Your Heart The Lead Even When It Could Hurt
You seek context when others judge what in their opinion is right or wrong. You truly understand that ever individual is the product of their own circumstance. While being unafraid to defend yourself or even others, you never judge on the first glance. You might even come across as cold or heartless but learning from your own pain has taught you how often things aren’t quite what they initially seem and people are often much more than what they appeared to be.
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