6-Year-Old Spends Birthday Money To Feed Hurricane Dorian Victims Instead Of Disney World Vacation

Jermaine Bell

Everybody has the potential for love and compassion. But it takes real courage to realize it, especially if you happen to be just 6. Some people practice being perfect. The rare few would prefer to practice kindness at every given opportunity and are most happy when they can make others happy. Jermaine Bell is that rarity who decided to spend his birthday money to feed Hurricane Dorian victims, instead of going on a trip to Disney World!

Jermaine turned 7 on 8th September. His parents were saving some money for a treat for the birthday boy at Disney World. But Jermaine had his own idea of happiness, an all-inclusive one. He was more concerned about Hurricane Dorian which had made landfall further east. He wanted to be sure that the people fleeing the storm had food to eat.

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Reaching Out

Along with his family in Allentown in South Carolina, Jermaine used all his birthday savings to get snacks, sandwiches, and water for families fleeing inland, away from Hurricane Dorian. They stood by the sidewalk with signs to let people know.

The people traveling to different places got some food so that they could continue on their journey to safer places happy in the knowledge that even kids understand the value of kindness.

Jermaine has fed 100 evacuees in just a day and he is hopeful of feeding a lot more people. Lauren Bell, his mother, is touched by her son’s generosity and is still hopeful of taking Jermaine to Disney World, though it might get a bit postponed.

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Some people think that life is all about living for yourself, but at times you also need to live for others. We need to share just a little of what we have and it will change the lives of those to whom you give.

Jermaine spent his birthday money to feed Hurricane Dorian victims. It gave a little respite to the people fleeing the storm. But it also made a world of difference to the Bell family as Jermaine’s parents got to see an unknown aspect of his personality, one which will make them proud for the rest of their lives.

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