6 Ways To Tell If You’re An Old Soul


Some people just have that inherent wisdom that is seemingly beyond their age. Physical age is only a number, and while experience does make us who we are – some people are born with a heightened awareness.

You require less reassurance

The younger you are, the more approval you seek from your peers. Mature people however need not justify their decisions and actions. They need no validation and are secure in their way of life.

You let go of the small things

You have learnt throughout your life to let go of the simpler issues and focus on what’s really important. The trivial matters and arguments are time consuming, small setbacks are set aside. You truly appreciate the value of the moment, capturing fond memories and embracing the present.

You know forgiveness

“Holding onto resentment is like drinking poison but expecting the other person to die” – Buddha. Holding on to grudges is a complete waste of time, so you forgive instead.

You are more sensitive than those around you

You naturally possess the ability to feel things more deeply. This applies to emotions, the things around you, events and just waking up each day.


The ability to read others’ emotions is not easy for most, but for you, it’s easy. You’re naturally more in-tuned with those around you, which equips you to act rationally in sensitive situations, enabling you to build meaningful relationships with others.

You take the long view

You are capable of enjoying the now, while preparing for your future. You’re wise with your money and tend to set goals for the next 5/10/15 years.


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