19 Signs You’re Doing Much Better Than You Think

19 Signs You Are Doing Much Better Than You Think

We all face these depressing moments in life where we think we’re not good enough;

We’re unhappy with our current situation: our job, house, friends, partners, environment, body, wealth, skills, knowledge. There are a lot of things that people find themselves depressed about.

Which leads us to believe that we’re not doing very well in life.

In these moments, we lose sight of just how much we have, and we lose our sense of gratitude. There are some shocking stats that’ll quickly make you realize just how lucky you are right now:


19 Signs You’re Doing Better Than You Think

Which brings you to this article. We’ve given you a whole bunch of reasons to start feeling better about where you’re at right now. These are 19 signs you’re doing better than you think you are:


1. You Have a Stable Income

This is the first sign that you’re doing much better than you think you are. Although this income might not be coming from the company you want it to, or for the hours you want to be working, but it’s stable. Not everybody is able to say they’re in this position right now.


2. You’re Able to Pay Your Bills

Plenty of people out there who aren’t able to pay their bills on time or at all. The fact that you can means you’re doing something right.


3. You Have At Least One Friend You Truly Trust

Trust is a hard thing to come by these days, but you still probably have at least one friend you can trust completely. Be proud of that fact.


4. You Have a Roof Over Your Head

A roof over your head means you have a place to stay, which is not something everyone has. According to a statistic from the United Nations, over 100 million people are homeless worldwide. Being thankful you have a place to live, no matter how small or unequipped it might be.


5. You Eat Not to Survive, But to Enjoy

The chances are that you’ve never eaten for pure survival purposes. What I mean by this, is eating only enough food to keep your body running, and eating as cheaply as possible.

You probably eat because you enjoy eating. You buy foods that you like, and you occasionally eat at restaurants or cafes.


6. You Have Goals

Have you set yourself some goals? Doesn’t matter how small they might be. If you have something you’re working towards, that’s much more that can be said for a lot of people. The majority of people don’t even set goals for themselves.


7. You’re Working Hard

If you’re honestly not working hard, then it’s not the time to be feeling sorry for yourself. But if you are working hard, then at least you’re putting in the effort required. That doesn’t go unnoticed.


8. You’re Not Giving Up

People say you haven’t failed until you give up. That’s 100% accurate. As long as you don’t give up, you can never fail. So, if this is you, great job and keep going.


9. You Are Trying to Provide Value

Providing value is the key to success. All successful businesses are providing value of some kind. And if they’re not, then they won’t last long, because they’re not helping anyone! Which brings us to…


10. You’re Helping Others

Helping other people is one of the best things you can do in the world, and you should feel incredibly proud of yourself for doing so, or even attempting to do so. It takes a great spirit to commit time and energy to helping others.


11. You’re Making a Difference, No Matter How Small

If you’re making a difference, to something; anything, you’re helping shape the world. You’re having an impact! Don’t ever feel like nobody notices you; you’re making a difference, someone notices.


12. You’ve Cut People Out of Your Life

Every now and then, people realize that the friends they’ve been hanging around with are no longer good for them. Most people don’t do anything about it, but a small percentage cut people out of their life, in order to achieve happiness.


13. You’re Making Progress

Progression is a forward step in the right direction. A step forward, no matter how small, is something to be proud of. You’re not going backwards, are you? So there’s no need to think you’re doing terrible.


14. You Have Belief in Yourself

Do you believe in yourself? Do you believe you are capable of great things, and can achieve more than you currently have? Awesome, you’re doing better than most people! Just don’t let that ambition stop you from being happy with where you are now.


15. You’re Healthy

Still have your health intact? Which basically implies that you’re not starving, malnourished, or suffering from severe disease. You’re a lucky individual. Not everybody is healthy. Not everybody can walk, talk, listen and do all the things you can do.


16. You Can Buy a Cup of Coffee

If decision as simple as buying a $3 cup of coffee is no worry at all for you, you’re doing well. Some people have to seriously think whether they can afford a cup of coffee before they head into Starbucks and splash $3 on a cup.


17. You’re Passionate About Something

Passion is a feeling that not everyone will experience in life. If you have this feeling, you’re onto something great. Keep pursuing your passions, you won’t regret it.


18. There’s Always Food on the Table

Do you have to wonder where your next meal is coming from? Or is it always guaranteed to be on the table? That’s definitely a reason to be grateful.


19. You’ve Had Past Relationships with People

The fact that you’ve had past relationships means that people have cared for you before. You are also a much wiser individual, after learning from these relationships.



These are just 19 of the many signs you’re doing much better in life than you think you are. And there’s plenty more where they came from.

Whenever you’re feeling depressed, upset or angry with your own situation in life, just take another look at this list, and remind yourself of all the things you have going for you. These are all things you should be proud of.

In fact, save this list in your bookmarks!

Are there any other signs you think that will help people realize they’re doing much better than they are? Leave a comment below.

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