11 Signs You’ve Recently Undergone A Powerful Spiritual Awakening

11 Signs You've Recently Undergone A Spiritual Awakening

A personal spiritual awakening isn’t something that usually happens that often, and not too many people know exactly what it means.

Here’s what Loner Wolf has to say:

Spiritual awakenings initiate us into the realm of the soul and spirit that we have been disconnected from for so long. Born into a society that currently values material growth over anything else, very few of us are familiar with the mystical way of life.


11 Signs You’ve Undergone a Spiritual Awakening

To give you an idea of some of the signs/symptoms of a deep spiritual awakening, we’ve provided a list of 10 very common signs you’re experiencing a shift in your spiritual energy.


1. You’ve Gained Awareness of All Your Destructive Habits

A clear sign that you’ve undergone a spiritual awakening is your ability to see your destructive habits as they really are, and how they’re affecting your life.

Now you’re aware of these habits, and you’ve begun to associate pain to them, rather than pleasure; you’re able to begin the shift to removing them from your life.

People often try to kick bad habits, whilst still feeling pleasure towards them. The only way to kick a habit properly is to associate pain with that activity, and therefore eliminate your desire to keep doing it. Your recent spiritual shift will help you to do exactly that.


2. You’ve Lost Interest in Judgement Towards Others

We tend to judge people based on the first few minutes we spend with them after meeting them. This is a mistake; a mistake that I’ve made many a time. We judge on what they look like or what they’re wearing, or the first words we hear come out of their mouth.

If you suddenly feel like judging others has become completely unnecessary, then your life values have most definitely shifted for the better.


3. You’re Searching for A Deeper Meaning to Your Life

Starting to feel like your purpose in life must be more than what you’re currently achieving?

Then you’re probably experiencing a spiritual awakening. Something deep within has told you that you have more to offer the world, and that can’t go ignored. Soon, you’ll begin to feel restless in your current career, and you’ll discover passions you never knew could exist.

Get ready for a massive change in your life!


4. You’re Experiencing Higher Number of Coincidences in Daily Life

Coincidence is a funny thing. As your spiritual energy grows and deepens, you’ll start to experience many more circumstances “at the right place and at the right time”.

If you increase your positive and spiritual energy, you’ll begin to attract more positive circumstances, which feel like they happened by “coincidence”.

I’ve travelled around the world, met a couple in one country by accident, and then bumped into them again in a completely different country, through a friend I met in yet again another country.

Does that seem like a coincidence to you?


5. You’ve Had a Realization of Your Wildest Dreams

If this doesn’t awaken you, nothing will. The discovery of your dreams will motivate you more than ever to start shifting your values and outlooks on life. There is nothing more powerful than this realization, and it has caused people to make life-changing shifts in their patterns, mindsets, and daily actions.


6. You Have a Desire to Help Improve the World

Now that you’ve switched your focus from getting as much from the world as you can, to giving as much as you can, your values have become aligned for success.

How often do people on themselves, and getting as much as they can for themselves?

Far too often. In reality, success comes from giving. As soon as you start helping to improve the world and give value to people, you unlock doors and opportunities that you never would have experienced when focusing solely on your own needs.


7. You Have No Interest in Causing or Being Involved in Conflict

Completely losing interest in conflict, and being involved with such, is a great sign of your own spiritual awakening. Cleansing yourself of all unnecessary drama, including that of your friends, is the best way achieve inner peace, and stop the happiness from being drained out of you.


8. You’ve Seen a Shift in Your Sleeping Pattern

Studies have shown that people who sleep in very late are often depressed, or struggling to find a higher purpose/meaning to their life. If you are finding yourself waking up earlier, and even before your alarm clock, that is a tremendous sign of something being unlocked deep within you.

Most people tend to see shifts in their sleeping patterns when they find their passion, or create meaningful goals for themselves to achieve.


9. You’ve Developed a Stronger Love for Being Creative/Imaginative

Unleash your creativity upon the world. Where would we be without creativity? Without those who invented the greatest machines, equipment, and technology of all time? The likes of Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, Mark Zuckerberg, Henry Ford; need I go on?

If you’ve suddenly developed the urge to start expression your creativity, congratulations!


10. You’re Watching Your Health More Closely

When we gain awareness of our health and of how we’re treating our bodies, we truly start to put all our values in the right places. Adopting the correct mindset when it comes to your own health is a clear sign of a dramatic spiritual shift, one that you should be proud of.


11. You’ve Dropped Any Expectations & Have Decided to Give Your All

The most fulfilling thing in the world is to give without expectation. And it’s not something the majority of people will do in this day and age. If you haven’t already experienced the feeling of giving love, time and effort without any expectations of receiving, try it now.



Here’s a brief summary of the 11 signs of a spiritual awakening:

  1. Gained awareness of all your destructive habits
  2. Lost interest in judgement towards others
  3. Searching for a deeper meaning to your life
  4. Experiencing higher number of coincidences in life
  5. Realization of your wildest dreams
  6. Desire to improve the world
  7. No interest in causing or being involved in conflict
  8. Shift in your sleeping pattern
  9. Stronger love for being creative
  10. Watching your health more closely
  11. Dropped any expectations & have decided to give your all

Have you recently experienced a spiritual awakening?

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