10 Uplifting Sentences That Will Carve You Into Greatness

10 Uplifting Sentences That Will Carve You Into Greatness

Looking for some uplifting sentences?

Look no further. Just reading several sentences everyday can have an amazing effect on your mental health. In fact, I encourage everyone to do it; but how do you know which sentences you should be reading everyday?

10 Uplifting Sentences That’ll Carve You Into Greatness

I’ve put together this simple list of 10 uplifting sentences that’ll put your mind into turbo-drive, and carve you into greatness:

1. You Always Have More Potential Within You

Knowing that you always have the potential to be better than you are today is such a great feeling. However, most of us forget to realize this fact. You can always improve, always become better, and continuously grow.

Don’t ever let yourself feel like you’ve hit a ceiling.

2. Life is Not Designed for the 1%

Anytime you face setbacks, people telling you that you can’t do something, or giving you advice that goes against your dreams; remember that life is not designed for the 1% of people.

It is designed for the 99%, who are happy living an average life. Not testing their limits, or trying to break out of their comfort zones.

Which means that whenever you feel like the odds are stacked against you, remember that you’re going for the 1%, and the other 99% probably won’t understand that.

3. People laugh when you start, but ask for help when you achieve

Have you ever shared your goals with some of your friends, only to have them laugh at you in return?

Trust me, this is natural.

Not all of your friends will understand your goals, and that’s okay. Many will laugh in the beginning, before you’ve achieved anything, or even started on your journey. They will have a set image in their mind of who you are, and what you’re all about.

When you make an effort to change your image, people will laugh because it goes against everything they’ve always known about you. And change is stubborn.

4. Someday will never be today, unless you make it that way

Stop telling people you’re going to start working on your goals; “tomorrow”, “someday”, or “one day”.

Those excuses are getting old. Someday will never be today, unless to go out of your way to ensure it becomes that way.

So, what’s it going to be?

5. The odds of you being born are 1 in 400 trillion

This a great fact that I recently learned; the odds of you even being born are 1 in 400 trillion! How crazy is that? The odds are just ridiculous!

I mention this fact, purely because of the huge number of people that believe they cannot achieve something, yet simply by being alive, you’ve beaten the odds. You’ve already won!

6. Don’t climb mountains so the world will see you; climb them so you can see the world

The reasons for some people’s journeys, are simply to be seen and heard by the rest of the world. To be known, and to be admired. This is the wrong way of looking at it.

You have to climb the mountains for yourself, so that you can experience the life you want to live, and accomplish all the things that make you happy. Not things that make you happy.

7. People aren’t generally against you, but they’re for themselves

It sometimes seems like everyone is against for no reason, other than that they want to see you fail. But, maybe sometimes you should remember, that are in it for themselves. They want what’s best for them, and sometimes that means putting you down.

They put you down to justify their own way of life, and they think they know what’s best for you, but they don’t and it’s not true. You just got to do you.

8. The most dangerous risk of your life is not doing what you want because you think you can buy your freedom

I love this sentence. Let’s be honest, when you first set out into the working world, did you aim to earn as much money as possible?

Which most likely meant doing a job which wasn’t that exciting to you. Either that or it meant putting off things you were incredibly passionate about, because you assumed that earning a large amount of money would allow you to do them later.

You couldn’t have been more wrong my friend…

Don’t ever put off your dreams, you may not get a second chance to achieve them.

9. In your life, the person you’ll spend the most time with is yourself, so try to be the best you, you can be

How much time have you spent trying to impress other people, doing what they do to make them like you? Probably more than you should have.

At the end of the day, you spend more time with yourself than with anybody else, so you need to make sure that you love yourself.

And if you don’t, then I suggest, you stop trying as hard to please the rest, and you start working on yourself. That’s what will bring you the most joy. More than being cool, or fitting in, or being one of the gang.

10. We all have fears, we have all loved, and we have all lost

How true is this though?

We all have fears, we all have loved, and we all have lost. Just a reminder that everybody has these things in common, which means two things.

We can overcome fear, we can love, and we can overcome loss. If you’re going through something right now, you know others have gone through it before and come out the other side.

Although, looking at this from a different perspective, it also means that we shouldn’t judge. These 3 things affect other people in different ways. Not everybody reacts the same to fear, love and loss. You have the ability to be empathetic.


Don’t forget to print out these 10 uplifting sentences and put them on your mirror, your fridge, or somewhere you’ll see them every single day.

Which of these uplifting sentences is your favorite?

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